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On January 1, 2020, the Methodist Girls’ High School, would be etched in the annals of history as having educated and nurtured young girls to develop character and improve talents for 140 years.

The Methodist Girls' High School was founded on January 1, 1880 by the Wesleyan Missionary Society. Since then, the student population has exploded to some 2,300 girls. Today, it is ranked one of the leading all-girls, high schools in Sierra Leone.

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In November 1906, Mrs. Rosa Corkson saw the need for ‘old girls’ to keep in touch and assist each other in time of need.

Together with six others, they formed the nucleus of the then Wesleyan Girls’ High School (WGHS) Old Girls’ Association. She became its first president and a Mrs. Scotland Dalmas became the first treasurer, a post she held for forty (40) years with distinction.

Our Events

Our annual fundraising events include the following

  • Thanksgiving Service
  • Dinner Dance
  • Luncheon Sale
  • Boat Ride
  • Bus Ride to Atlantic City Casino, NJ
  • Bus Ride to Foxwoods Casino, CT


As members of this association, our interests, values, and aspirations are about our alma mater, the Methodist Girls’ High School. The education we received at the school is a steppingstone into the future we dreamed of as teenagers.

Today, it is incumbent on us to support students at the school with the furtherance of their education.

We are imploring you to partner with us to tackle the growing slate of critical projects needed at the school.

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The features on the site will give you access to our PayPal account whenever you need to make a donation, the calendar of events to know how you can support us at our fundraising events, our photo gallery, and a link to the website of the Methodist Girls’ High School, as well as the sites of the other associations in Sierra Leone, United Kingdom, United States and Canada. You can also link with us on Facebook and e-mail.

If you are an old girl of the Methodist Girls’ High School living in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, and interested in becoming a member of this association, please click on the icon for new members.

Finally, I want to thank our web designer, Ms. Francetta Strasser-King, an alumna. Francetta’s work ethic exemplifies professionalism, dedication, and love for what she does. I wish her well in her future endeavors. Also, a big thank you goes to the Association’s website team for their input, assistance and cooperation.

Please feel free to surf the website and give us your feedback or comments via e-mail.

Thank you,

Gloria Allen


Welcome to the Methodist Girls’ High School Alumnae Association

New York/New Jersey/Connecticut/Massachusetts Website

This is an exciting time for members of the Methodist Girls’ High School Alumnae Association, New York/New Jersey/Connecticut/Massachusetts Branch. Launching a website has been a dream for members of this association for a very long time. We are pleased that today, our dream has come true. It is with great joy that we launch our brand-new website www.mghsalumnae.org.

In today’s world, the importance of interacting on social media cannot be overemphasized. The goal for us is to provide our patrons and supporters access to our “world of service”. We want everyone to know who we are, why we are members of this association, why we raise funds for our alma mater, how we utilize the funds we raise, and the projects we’ve undertaken in the past.

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The Methodist Girls’ High School was blessed to have Mrs. Fashu Collier as the longest serving principal. She is the daughter of very devoted Methodist Christian parents; her late father, Dr. J.G. Cummings served the Freetown community as a medical doctor for many years.

Mrs. Collier did her early high school education at the Methodist Girls’ High School and was transferred to the Annie Walsh Memorial School, where she sat to her school leaving exams before proceeding to England for higher education. She returned to Freetown and took up a position as a teacher at her beloved alma mater. She taught for a short while before she proceeded to England for post-graduate training as a principal. She returned to Freetown thereafter to take up the position as principal.

 During her tenure, she worked diligently to raise the educational level. In the process, she introduced the proposed Commercial department which was most needed at the time. As a result, it produced excellent secretaries and accountants who have served in top government positions and businesses. The other academic disciplines were also improved with a very diversified curriculum. We can find MGHS alumnae in all walks of life all over the world.

Mrs. Collier is well-loved especially by students who attended the school during her tenure.  Over 80% of our current membership attended school when she was principal. During one of her trips to the United States on vacation, members held a get-together for her on June 16, 2001. It was an event of reminiscing. Members were extremely excited to see her; in fact, some had not seen her since they left school over twenty years ago. It was gratifying for members of the association to present her with gifts to show our love and appreciation to her and the work she did as principal while we were in school.  

Websites by Francetta UPCOMING EVENT Learn More View video clips of our Thanksgiving Service held on June 26, 2022 Details here