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Since the Association was founded in 1986, it has undertaken over twenty different types of projects. Some of these were financed between 1990 and 1998 and they included the shipping of 550 commercial folding chairs for students and teachers, providing scholarship awards for students, and stipends to teachers, purchasing some of the new band instruments, shipping of barrels of school supplies for students, and fencing of a section of the school compound.  

As the years went by, the necessity arose to finance more substantial projects. Below are the projects:

 Constructed the Fashu Collier Computer Lab at $7,000.00.

 Purchased a 10KVA generator at $11,500.00. The 15-year old generator is still in use; kudos to the school for effectively maintaining it.

 Contributed $7,000.00 for the construction of the second floor of the teachers’ staff room.

 Contributed $5,000.00 towards concrete fencing of a piece of property owned by the school.

 Contributed $1,400.00 towards the repairs and painting of the school for the 140th Anniversary.

 Contributed $1,000.00 towards new band instruments for the school also for the 140th Anniversary.

Fashu Collier Computer Lab

10KVA generator

Repairs and Painting